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Hi! I’m Ellie, a Freelance Writer specialising in Motorsport, as well as the area of Fandom. 


You’ve stumbled across my main website, but I also upload non-related motorsport content on Medium. You can visit my page here


I conduct and transcribe interviews, produce written content and curate posts - including TikToks - for socials. 


I’m passionate about driving change in the motorsport industry, particularly for women. Previously, I have worked with Females in Motorsport. Now, I'm working with W Series as a Freelance Writer, to encourage women, and others from underrepresented backgrounds, to take up opportunities in our sport. I'm working with the Motormouth Podcast team as a Writer too, bringing podcast episodes to life on paper and speaking to individuals across the industry.


I’m currently a second year undergraduate student at Northumbria University, where I’m studying Mass Communication and Public Relations. Academically, I try to focus on motorsport (or something in the wider sport sphere), as well as fandom and culture.


I'm always looking to expand my freelance portfolio. If you’d like to get in touch about a project, you can fill in this form, or email me on


Connect with me on my social media channels! You can find all of my links by pressing the button below!

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